Beloved Melodic Punk Band Craig’s Brother Releases First Ever(!) Official Music Video ‘Meilynn’s Song’ Examining Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters

Beloved Melodic Punk Band Craig’s Brother Releases First Ever(!) Official Music Video ‘Meilynn’s Song’ Examining Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters

Beloved Melodic Punk Band Craig’s Brother Releases First Ever(!) Official Music Video “Follow Your Heart-Meilynn’s Song”

Touching Song Written For Frontman’s Daughter; Video Captures Moment Where He Plays It For Her For Very First Time

First New Recorded Music In Nearly A Decade– “Devil’s In The Details” is Out Now on Indie Vision Music

“As a punk band from California in the ’90s, they were influenced by (and often compared to) stuff like NOFX and Lagwagon, but Craig’s Brother always stood apart from their peers because of singer Ted Bond’s voice. He was one of those punk singers who could really sing, but knew how to be an attitude-fueled punk frontman at the same time. And the songs were good too.”- Brooklynvegan

Beloved melodic punk band Craig’s Brother has just released their first-ever official music video for ‘Follow Your Heart/Meilynn’s Song’ which was written about frontman Ted Bond’s daughter Meilynn. The touching clip captures Ted playing the song he wrote for her for the very first time and reflects that special relationship between a father and daughter.

The track first appeared on Indie Vision Music’s Family & Friends Sampler Vol. 1

“Meilynn’s Song” Lyrics:

May you always be the brave one 
May all your dreams be great ones 
however near of far 
May life present you open doors 
May love an joy and hop be your no matter who you are 
No matter what your art 
Mei, you follow your heart. 
Oh, May your relationships succeed 
May you have all the friends you need, 
May you find passion in the paths that move you 
Oh, when you’re knocked down and lost within, 
May you find strength to rise again 
May you find comfort in the ones who love you. 
Cause in this world of broken dreams 
the truth’s not always what it seems 
May you see things as they are 
May you always stand your ground 
Don’t let the masses where you down 
remember from the start 
you’ve always stood apart 
Mei, you follow your heart. 
and may you never grow tired 
and may you always be inspired 
and may you set the world on fire 
with words of unvarnished power 
Mei, you follow your heart.

Craig’s Brother’s latest EP ‘Devil’s In The Details,‘ out now on Indie Vision Music.

If you dig current and past material from a variety of melodic punk bands like No Use For a Name, Bad Religion, Much The Same, MUTE, Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, and even Rise Against, then you’ll instantly be a fan of Craig’s Brother and their latest ‘Devil’s In The Details.’ Songs of hope, searching for meaning, questioning all rolled up into one incredible release from start to finish.

The EP is available on CD/Tape right here:](

Available on all digital networks and streaming sites now.

All 5 songs are streaming on IVM’s YouTube channel here:

Craig’s Brother – Devils In The Details Track Listing:
1. Follow Your Heart 
2. Maintaining Destiny 
3. Lifetime of Regret 
4. Harry Vs. Mount Saint Helens 
5. Devils In The Details


Craig’s Brother is back in 2019 with a new EP brought to you by Indie Vision Music. Based in Santa Cruz California, Craig’s Brother has long been recognized as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking bands in melodic punk rock. Formed in 1995 Craig’s Brother quickly gained recognition for their shredding riffs, and their unmatched melodies and lyrical content, all performed at break-neck speed. Their first full-length record, Homecoming, was released to international acclaim on Tooth and Nail Records in 1998. And in 2001, the band took California punk into uncharted territory with the release of their 2nd full length, Lost at Sea. Craig’s Brother’s sound has been profoundly influential on a number of bands, most notably Yellowcard, whose lead singer and guitar player, Ryan Key, spent six months playing with CB before joining Yellowcard. After releasing the Epidemic EP on Takeover Records in 2004, Craig’s Brother went on to play sold-out shows, touring in Canada with Mute and in the eastern USA with Yellowcard, The Starting Line, and The Matches. After a 7 year hiatus, Craig’s Brother returned in 2011 to self-release their third full length The Insidious Lie. Produced by Kyle Black, The Insidious Lie was met with critical acclaim and is considered by many to be the band’s masterpiece. In 2017 the band raised the funds to record more and released the song “Meilynn’s Song.” Now the band is following through on their promises by releasing a five-song EP this December with Indie Vision Music. The current line features original members Ted Bond, and Scott Hrapoff, as well as Glade Wilson, Juice Cabrera (Hey Mike!), and Steven Newfeld (Hey Mike!, This Legend, and Brookhurst).

Ted Bond – Vocals 
Scott Hrapoff – Bass 
Steven Neufeld – Guitar/Vocals 
Justin “Juice” Cabrera – Drums

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Danny Balistocky at Rev 9 Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. Mastered at The Blasting Room.

Craig’s Brother on Social Networks:
Instagram: @craigsbrother
Twitter: @craigsbrother

Indie Vision Music on the web
Twitter: @ivmusic
Instagram: @indievisionmusic

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