Take Cover: (hed) p.e.’s STAMPEDE Is Killer

Take Cover: (hed) p.e.’s STAMPEDE Is Killer

Huntington Beach, California’s genre-bending (hed) pe are back again with another release that’s guaranteed to blow your mind. Founded in 1994 by vocalist Jahred Gomes, the band has put out over ten studio albums, each one showcasing their evolving sound. Stampede is set to release worldwide on June 21st via Pavement Entertainment.

The entire album is a fusion of reggae, punk, rock, and hip hop. Upon first hearing it, it honestly reminded me of their most successful album – 2003’s Blackout (which also happens to be my favorite, and one of my favorite albums to this day).

Speaking of Blackout, “No Apologies” most closely resembled that album to me once the chorus hit. The minute I heard it, I knew this album was going to be a good one. And don’t worry – you’ve definitely got your heavy guitar riffs in there (and as our readers know by now, I love some heavy guitar riffs).

In the track “Can I Rock,” there’s a rock, hip hop, and reggae hybrid going on – and per usual with (hed) pe, it works. Something tells me that when they play this at shows, it’s gonna go HARD. I mean, it makes me want to mosh and I don’t mosh. I only wish the track were longer – that’s how much I like it.

“PWF” hit a personal chord with me – it made me think of that one person that we can never seem to let go (and let’s face it – we all have one). When an artist can resonate with their fans on a personal level like that – that’s a craft all on it’s own. So, more than being musically talented, it shows how relatable they are to their fans, and that’s incredibly important. The emphasis after Jahred says, “Girl watch your step, Watch what you’re sayin’ ‘Cause you’re playin’ with fire” – when the heaviness of the guitars and the drums instantaneously picks up all at once and the music gets loud – it’s perfect timing.

If you’re looking for that punk rock sound that (hed) pe is notorious for throwing into the mix, look no further than “Why Not Me.” In this track, you have every element of a punk rock song – angst, fast guitar riffs, fast drumming, and a lot of “fuck you”‘s. Bring out the Doc Martens and mohawks, and let’s set some shit on fire. It’s anarchy.

Needless to say, this album won’t disappoint. Check out “Can I Rock” below:

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