Saver’s “The First Step In Leaving” Will Have You Running Right Back For More

Philadelphia’s Saver are set to release their new LP The First Step In Leaving on 5/9/19, and this thing rocks. The music is very reminiscent of Brand New, with many tracks starting off slow and mellow and picking up with those heavier guitar riffs and vocals laden with angst. It’s definitely a change in pace from much of the music I’ve been listening to lately; reverting back to my semi-emo days of MySpace – and I absolutely love it.

“Dreams>Wanting” definitely has that Brand New influence, which you’ll immediately pick up on as soon as the track begins. There might also be a little bit of a Taking Back Sunday vibe in the chorus – but I personally love both of these bands, so for me, it’s a great combination.

“Dead By 25” has more of an independent sound that is that of Saver themselves. While you can still hear a tinge of their influences, this track is more upbeat. What I really like about it is when you hit the bridge, they again manage to take TBS, Brand New, and their own independent sound, and roll it all into one for something really unique yet nostalgic that takes me back to my college partying days of 2006 (man, we threw some wicked keggars…)

“The Wishing Well” again has the easy-does-it beginning and then just takes off – loud vocals with heavy guitars and drums are enough to make you nod your head along with the music and belt your heart out. At the end of the track, right when you think it’s over it picks back up with one final round of heavy instrumentation joined by that wonderfully loud chorus, and then it’s done. It’s perfect – there’s no other way to describe it.

My name is Tim, I’m from Philadelphia, and I love conversation. It’s the only thing that helps me realize I’m not alone. It helps me connect with everyone, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. So it is only fitting that I am a musician. I found at a young age, that I was limited to the ways I could express the feelings in my head. They seemed to overtake me, and go off like firecrackers. When I was angry, I was enraged, I loved with all I had, and when I mourned, I let it go. So when the plan arose to pick up the guitar, I discovered that I could mold it as a conductor of my thoughts, and in return, found out I wasn’t the only one who felt these things. All I want is for people to sing with me. That’s the only reason I wake up. For the length of a song, when we are all singing, we aren’t separated into groups. I use this music as a way to let everyone know “I am feeling this”, and fortunately, with this connection, people who are singing, and dancing and feeling are returning with a “So do I”. I want this music to help people, the way music has helped me. Hybrid Theory let me know, it’s ok to be pissed off at a world you can’t seem to understand at the moment. The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me let me know, that you could turn depression into art. This isn’t about making money, or getting girls. This is about translating love to as many people as I can, about seeing as much of this planet as I can, and most importantly, making people smile. So listen to my music, let’s converse, and hopefully you’ll sing along. This is Saver.– Tim Burke-Vocals/Guitar

L to R:
Brian Murray (Bass, Vocals), Sean Burke (Drums), Tim Burke (Vocals), Brian Horan (Guitar)

Check out “Dreams>Wanting” below!

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