Afterlife: Touring and ‘Breaking Point’

Photo Credit: Megan Thompson
L to R:
Luke Walkinshaw (Drums), Tyler Levenson (Vocals), Tristan Edwards (Bass), Andrew McGuire (Guitar)

We got a chance to catch up with Tyler Levenson, vocalist of metal/rock band Afterlife, to discuss their current tour and newest album, Breaking Point. Coming out of West Palm Beach, Florida, they’ve recently signed with Hopeless Records and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

RL: First, congrats on signing to Hopeless!  You’re with some great company!

TL: Thank you! It’s been quite the time so far.

RL: So what got you guys into music – is it something you grew up with, developed an interest in…?

TL: For me, I was actually thrown into music a few years ago, I’ve always listened to music but never actually performed it until now.

RL: You guys are currently in the midst of the SOLD OUT March Into Madness Tour with Ice Nine Kills, Palisades, From Ashes To New, and HAWK.  How’s that been going so far?

TL:This tour has been awesome, the best tour we have done to date! The chemistry was there on day one and there wasn’t any awkward getting-to know-each-other phase, it all was really smooth and the shows have been insane.

RL: On April 27th, you’re also playing at the So What?! Music Festival – that’s one sick lineup.  You guys are definitely hitting the ground running since being signed in January!

TL: Yeah, it’s been quite the year for us already and we have no plans on stopping, we’re enjoying all the time on the road and the people that we’re meeting, so we would like to keep the momentum moving for sure.

RL: Let’s dive into Breaking Point and talk inspiration.  What pushed you to create this album with the meaning you chose behind it?

TL: Breaking Point is special to me because it was developed with two different minds, we did five songs with producer Zakk Cervini and five songs with Zach Jones and that allowed us to create on such a wide spectrum. 

We were always inspired by the greats (Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn etc) and we loved the feeling and nostalgia we got while listening to them and we wanted to have that same feeling and at the same time be new and innovative.

RL: I’ve read that “Throat” was inspired by Tyler’s personal experience with mental health.  Not only is it a badass song, it’s more relatable than people realize.

TL: I’m human, I go through sadness and happiness just like everyone else and as I grew older I started to notice my anxiety even more, and I knew something was changing within me so I tried to self diagnose and I came up with all these different things so I never really knew what was actually wrong at the end of the day. 

Over the years I battled it in different ways and it’s gotten easier as I started bettering my life in different ways. 

RL: What changes would you like to see as far as mental health is concerned?

TL: I would like more people to listen, start there. 

People just want to be heard and I feel like that’s the thing we always mess up on and then it’s too late; if someone needs someone to talk to then be that person and listen to them. 

RL: What else can we expect from Afterlife this year?

TL: Touring as much as we can and bringing the sounds of “Breaking Point” to the masses!

RL: Who’s been your favorite band to play with, so far? This can be pre-Hopeless.

TL: This is a tough one, haha! Well, as of recently, I really enjoyed this Canadian band, Royal Tusk, and as of the last tour, Ice Nine Kills, and if you have a chance to see either band please do!  

RL: Finally, what advice would you give to an artist who is just starting out?

TL: Have fun, that’s where it all starts honestly. 

Be business minded but never forget what sparked your interest in playing music. 

Check out “Throat” from their album Breaking Point below!

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