Autumn Kings Talk Hockey, Breakups, and Fan Appreciation

Autumn Kings Talk Hockey, Breakups, and Fan Appreciation
Autumn Kings is (L to R):
Jake Diab (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Joseph Coccimiglio (Lead Vocals), and Tibor Bognar (Bass).
Photo Credit: Jesse Hebert

Canadian Rock/Pop band Autumn Kings are leaving their mark on the music scene and they’re only getting started. With 1,024,702 views on YouTube and 60,561 monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s no surprise that they’re playing sold-out shows and getting airplay in 64 countries. We had the opportunity to catch up with Jake Diab, lead guitarist/vocalist of the band, about what they’re currently up to.

RL: You guys have been doing this for the past four years – tell us what brought you together and inspired you to start Autumn Kings.

JD: Autumn Kings was founded because we were a bunch of friends who wanted to become rockstars. It’s honestly that simple. We all knew what our end goal was from the band’s inception – which is to play arenas. It’s interesting – when you have a vision for your future that is so strong and so compelling, the rest seems to fall into place. And we’re just getting started. There are so many exciting things happening behind the scenes that we can’t talk about yet, but will be taking us to incredible heights in the short future. 

RL: There have been different managers, labels, and agents who have shown interest in you, but you’ve chosen to remain independent.  Why is that?

JD: We’ve made a conscious decision to remain independent because we want to sign a deal that is great for the band. There are a handful of labels and managers who want to work with us. The problem is, a lot of artists see the prospect of signing with a major a label as the the key to paradise, and then when they sign they stop working hard. Artists need to be navigating their own careers or else they run the risk of labels forgetting about them. No one will work harder for your band than you. We take a much different, more hands-on approach to our careers. We are essentially managing the group and writing the songs, performing, booking, etc at this moment because we are building the Autumn Kings machine to the point where our fanbase is so large that every company will be begging to sign with us. This way, we increase our bargaining power and become much more financially and emotionally free. That said, I’m confident we will be signing something very soon. Stay tuned 😉 

RL: Your track Devil In Disguise landed an endorsement by the Detroit Red Wings (GO WINGS!) – that had to be pretty surreal!

JD: It was certainly a surreal experience. We met Kid Rock, we got added to 2 major FM radio stations because of it, and have an arena of people hearing it at each Wings game. I’ve been a fan of the Red Wings since I was 12 years old, and to see an opportunity like this come to fruition is a dream come true. It’s almost better than meeting Pavel Datsyuk (I’m still working on that). 

RL: That experience introduced you to Kid Rock – pretty epic.

JD: Bob is a great guy. The first thing he said to me when we met was, “Dude, your song Devil in Disguise is BADASS.” He loves us, and we love him. 

RL: You just had a show at Kid Rock’s Made In Detroit last week, and you have two more upcoming shows there, all FREE.  That’s pretty awesome.  It’s not every day you see bands doing free shows.

JD: Autumn Kings is gaining tremendous momentum – We’ll be performing at Caesars Windsor to 5000 people on Thursday, April 18th, and The Fillmore Detroit on April 20th — The tickets for both of those shows are expensive because it is a sensational live experience, especially given the bands we are playing with. That said, we want to give every fan a chance to see us play. These people are breaking their backs working hard for their money while we get to play music for a living, so the least we can do is pay them back by giving them an opportunity to see Autumn Kings up close and personal for free. We appreciate our fans. 

RL: Your newest single Want You To Stay has 33K views on YouTube so far.  What’s the inspiration behind that track?

JD: We’ve all been in relationships that end too quickly. Whether it was mutual or not, it always hurts. The feeling that someone is slipping away from you is something everyone can relate to. All of us in the band have been there, and Want You to Stay speaks to everyone who has been there too. It’s a really therapeutic song for a lot of people. 

RL: Speaking of breakups, the best way to get over a breakup is…?

JD: Listen to Autumn Kings. Experts recommend it as the #1 remedy! 

RL: Any big plans for AK for 2019?

JD: Sign a deal, potentially tour near end of year, new EP out – perhaps our best work yet — and continue interacting closely with our great fans!

RL: Finally, what words of advice do you have for any artists out there who are just starting out?

JD: Think entrepreneurially. No hard drugs. Be a leader. Be a businesswoman/businessman, and most importantly, WORK to become a GREAT songwriter and musician. Writing great songs is the single most important thing, by far. 

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