Florida’s SOWFLO Delivers With “New Shoes”

Florida’s SOWFLO Delivers With “New Shoes”

If you’re looking for a kick-ass album for the summer, look no farther than SOWFLO’s LP, “New Shoes,” set to release on March 15th! While listening to it, I felt like I was listening to a hybrid of Bob Marley with small tastes of Sublime (most notably Amalia, Farmer In Suburbia, Armagideon), all while still incorporating their own unique sound.

Amalia, the first track on the album, caught my attention and is my favorite. Not only is the chorus catchy, but it instantly took me away from this shitty Michigan weather to someplace warm. Jacob Dorris has this transcendent voice that’s not only a perfect fit for the reggae/rock genre, but it’s also soothing. You’ll find this to be the case throughout the album.

Farmer In Suburbia is a song about medical cannabis, as the chorus says,

There is a farmer in Suburbia, Suburbia/ Your resident plant doctor/ And the doctor is in

I actually found it funny because of how truthful it is – many people assume that the only people who sell marijuana are from a certain demographic, when really it could be your neighbor in your gated community filled with $500k homes.

Rich Man is the type of song that (should) make any girl say “awww!” – and if it doesn’t, that’s a whole other issue.

If I could give you everything you wanted/ You know I would/ And you know I would/ But I’m not a very rich man as it may seem, no no/ So for now, consider all I own your property

The inclusion of the trombone, drums, bass, and guitar are of course to be expected – but the keyboard in I Don’t Think (Change The World) and Morning Thunder were unexpected, yet pleasant, surprises. It didn’t take away from that reggae feel at all – it just made it even more unique. That’s one of the things that makes SOWFLO so unique: They aren’t afraid to take something different and bring it in to make a sound that is their own.

This album is versatile in that it’s a go-to for any type of setting. Whether you’re headed to the beach, having people over, planning a night in with your S.O., or just chilling out by yourself, it’s something that we all can enjoy. And honestly, we could all use more of that.

SOWFLO is (L to R):
Christian Yacono (Bass, Vox); Wesley James (Drums); Jacob Dorris (Guitar, Vox); Nick Grim (Trombone); Daniel Danger (Lead Guitar).

SO(outh) W(est) FLO(rida) hails from Naples, Florida. Having shared stages with names such as Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, Julian Marley, Wailing Souls, and Rebelution, they have also garnered achievements such as SPOT Magazine Awards #1 Southwest Florida Reggae Band, 1.2K Subscribers on YouTube, 1.5K monthly listeners and 1.5K followers on Spotify.

“New Shoes” is available for Pre-Order here!

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