Maryland-based band VEER releases new album!

Maryland-based band VEER releases new album!

The band VEER have released a new album, and it’s rockin’, the lyrics are catchy, yet deep, and the album artwork is clean, edgy, and is it just me, or does that spider also look like a skull?! Wicked awesome!

Released on December 1st, 2018, their new album, Apocalyptic, Baby, has some tunes you definitely want to add to your list! My personal favs? Douse, Come Clean, and Brave!

The guys of VEER hail from Annapolis, Maryland, and owe their origin to the late 90’s post-grunge sound. These guys have been raising crowd energy levels for three years now. They are well know across the pond in Australia and have been moving their way into the brighter lights here in the US as well. With the talent of Christian Mathis playing a mean, feel it in your chest bass, Jon Malfi rockin’ the drums, and the wicked Ryan Fowler and his guitar riffs that will make you whip out your best air guitar right along with him, and Ronald Malfi on vocals, these guys set the stage for an absolutely badass rock show!

This album is unique, in that it not only can get a whole crowd pumped, but it will slow you down and make you think. And this band pulls off that wide range and captures the feels of each song!

These guys have worked hard to get where they are! And I personally would love to hear stronger, more consistent and driven vocals that really pour passion with every. single. word. It would put these guys on a whole other level! Ronald and Ryan have such a unique sound that does truly pull from that late 90’s era of rock, and Ronald has such an impressive range from that eye-closing melodic sound, to that in-your-face rock vocal that gets your blood moving! And the dynamic lyrics are solid!

Get your copy of Apocalyptic, Baby today!

Also available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play!

Want to see these guys live? Yes. You do. Check out their upcoming show flyers below with bands such as Trapt, Legion, and Screaming In Silence.

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