The Jon Hill Project ‘Rebirth’ Out Now || Featuring Members of Copeland, The Dear Hunter, Dance Gavin Dance, and more!

The Jon Hill Project ‘Rebirth’ Out Now || Featuring Members of Copeland, The Dear  Hunter, Dance Gavin Dance, and more!





“…instead of succumbing to the demons that were his drug addictions,

he sought solace in getting clean and creating music.”Billboard

“The overall tone of inner-restoration after personal destruction flows perfectly well with

the swelling and ambient music; creating an extremely enticing piece that is emotionally

thrilling from start to finish. The essence of ambiance is captured perfectly, with the majority of ‘Rebirth’

creating some truly powerful imagery and an engrossing atmosphere.”Kill Your Stereo

“Jon has avoided the temptation to be overly whimsical and craft songs that are both

musically and thematically vague.”Captured Howls

The Jon Hill Project comes from the mind of percussionist and songwriter Jon Hill. In 2016, Jon joined forces with Spencer Bradham, in-demand producer & lead songwriter, as well as Spencer Gill, songwriter & guitarist from Tides of Man, to develop the album Rebirth, which touches upon his struggle with addiction, the end of his nine-year marriage to make-up artist, Jaclyn Hill, and his hope for a new chance at life. Rebirth is out now. Fans can read more about the project on Billboard:

The trio of songwriters handpicked eleven highly esteemed front man legends who helped pave the way in post-rock, indie and alternative to lyrically and melodically communicate Jon’s sentiments of both pain and hope: Aaron Marsh from Copeland, Brennan Taulbee from Polyenso, Nate Barcalow from Finch, Tilian Pearson from Dance Gavin Dance, Donovan Melero from Hail the Sun, Keith Goodwin from Good Old War, Kerry Courtney from Goodnight Neverland, Casey Crescenzo from The Dear Hunter, Michael McGough from Being as an Ocean, Tanner Merritt from O’Brother and Nathan Hussey from All Get Out.

Pulling from his deeply seated struggle during the two years of writing this record, each song paints a new picture into Jon’s soul that resonates with anyone who has ever come full circle in love and loss. In some songs, you can hear true anguish in his thunderous drumming sprinkled with the haunting melodies and pain driven vocals of guest singers. Yet, in others, you feel his sense of hope in his rhythmic brilliance intensified by endearing vocals and verses. Needless to say, the entire record is a playground of emotions that is full of powerful instrumentation, compelling but familiar voices and a look inside the mystery of Jon Hill’s notorious, highly publicized life.

Rebirth is out now.

Track Listing:

1. Would You Save Me Now (Feat. Aaron Marsh of Copeland)

2. Grey’s Gift (Feat. Brennan Taulbee of Polyenso)

3. Lesson Learned In Seconds (Feat. Donovan Melero of Hail the Sun)

4. Take The Next Step (Feat. Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter)

5. Drifting Towards the Sun (Feat. Kerry Courtney of Goodnight Neverland)

6. Show You The Stars (Feat. Keith Goodwin of Good Old War)

7. Hang Em High (Feat. Nate Barcalow of Finch)

8. Take Me Up (Feat. Michael McGough of Being As An Ocean)

9. Drinking And Cleaning (Feat. Nathan Hussey of All Get Out)

10. Flat Line (Feat. Tanner Merritt of O’Brother)

11. Same Old Song (Feat. Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance)

The album in its entirety was produced, cowritten and engineered by Spencer Bradham and mixed by Mike Watts at Clear Track Studios in Clearwater FL. The album was mastered by Joe LaPorta at Stirling Sound in NYC.

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