The Future Of Rock Is Here – And It’s Fame On Fire

The Future Of Rock Is Here – And It’s Fame On Fire

L to R: Alex Roman (Drummer), Bryan Kuznitz (Vocals), Blake Saul (Guitarist), Paul Spirou (Bassist)

For us rockers, the heartbreak of listening to “rock music” in rotation has been the equivalent of attending a funeral – deep riffs and a skilled drum set have been replaced with the same two chords repeatedly and the pattern of bass, snare, bass, snare throughout an entire song; lyrical content ends up coming across as void and intended to fill space, when we’re really needing something with depth. Painfully, we’ve been watching the death of our beloved genre, all while screaming inside for something – anything – to save it. All hope is lost. Rock is dead.

Or is it?

Enter four guys from West Palm Beach, Florida. Appropriately named Fame On Fire, they’re changing the Rock game, and they’re doing it right. The guys started out doing rock covers of songs from several different genres, beginning with Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” in 2013 to Kanye West’s “I Love It” this past October. The brilliance in this has been their ability to consistently take these songs, regardless of genre, and give them their own unique Fame on Fire sound.

Don’t get it twisted: These guys are NOT just another cover band. In fact, they’ve already shown the impeccable talent they have. They’re busting out of that mold and focusing on original content – and they’re kicking ass in the process.

“Count It Up,” released this past October, is a song about a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde-gone-wrong in an alternate universe. The track has been featured on four Editorial Playlists on Spotify (New Music Friday, New Noise, Rock Hard, Volume Màximo) and currently has over 560,000 streams. It was also featured on Apple Music’s Breaking Rock playlist. In the two months that it’s been up, the music video on YouTube has received 126,000 views.

“Back To You”, released this past November, is a song about addiction and co-depency, whether it be someone or something, and the inability to break away. It has been featured on two Editorial Playlists on Spotify (New Noise, All New Rock) and has over 200,000 streams. The music video on Youtube has garnered 117,000 views in 2 weeks.

Numbers and Singles aside, what makes these guys so great? Why is this band from South Florida so different from the countless other bands out there?

“We believe we are a band that’s going to evolve the genre and influence the culture surrounding it. We feel we have the right amount of influence, awareness, and creativity to push forward in what seems to be a “dying genre” as many critics would say. We are mainly into and actively involved with modern genres and music culture. We’ve got a great understanding of song writing through experiences we’ve encountered and our base influences like metal, rock, pop, and hip-hop, we feel gives us an upper hand when it comes to writing original songs. We love to write music and engaging with our fans all over the world.”

-Fame On Fire

We’re eagerly awaiting deliverance. Behold, the future of Rock and Roll.

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