Jonathan Davis – 10 years in the making – a solo performance

Jonathan Davis – 10 years in the making – a solo performance

Ah, the Majestic Theatre. Detroit. It’s like stepping back in time with a blanket of sophistication and modernism. Opened on April 1, 1915. The theatre originally seated 1,651 people and at the time, was the largest theatre in the world built for the purpose of showing movies.

And then enters Jonathan Davis. Most of you know him as the lead singer of the iconic, badass band Korn. But tonight, he’s gone solo. And it is a majestic thing indeed!

After 10 years, this is it. We get Jon, and this solo performance. You guys, it brings out the most raw, purest form of Jonathan. His voice seems more dynamic, more unique than before. His passion in this performance is unsurpassed.

“I like this mellow shit, I ain’t gonna lie!”

Jonathan has come out on this solo tour to make you feel this, feel the mellow, feel the deep bass, all of the elements, the keys, the drums, and you guys …. even the violin. Perfection.

With such deep meaning and a psychedelic feel, you can see and feel the raw, intriguing stature that Jonathan brings to the stage.

“Make some noise for my band.”

Dressed all in black, the band, as he called them, held an almost Johnny Cash feel.

And with an encore of their new release “What It Is“, they left the crowd united in the embrace of the one thing we all hold, and that’s a passion, love for music. Jon, thank you for setting a new standard for what a live performance should be.

And with that, I leave you with said encore, “What it is” from Jonathan’s new solo album “Black Labyrinth”.

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