A Brand – A Mission – A Culture

A Brand – A Mission – A Culture

Bound By Blood isn’t just a clothing company. Bound By Blood has set out to bring change to the world and help bring people together as one.

Rock|Life: When was Bound by Blood established?

Bound By Blood: Bound By Blood launched on January 1, 2012.

RL: When you created Bound by Blood, what was your vision? Where did the name come from?

BBB: When looking for a new creative outlet, I had experience in designing shirts for bands so I combined my passion for design, photography, and programming into creating a clothing brand. But I knew that I wanted it to be more than just another clothing brand, I wanted it to stand for something. With all the division in the world, I wanted to promote a message that would start to bring people together. The name was derived from the notion that no matter how different we all may be we are all human, we are all bound by blood.

RL: Bound By Blood has endorsed rock artists like Clint Lowery from Sevendust and Chris Brooks from Like a Storm. What do you look for when choosing the supporters you endorse?

BBB: When looking for supporters of the brand that we endorse, the most important factor is that they truly believe in the message. We could try to get anyone to wear our brand but if they aren’t on board with promoting a message of peace, equality, and unity, then they’re not the right fit for us.

RL: What sets Bound By Blood apart from its competitors?

BBB: Our biggest differentiator is that we’re not just another name-on-a-shirt clothing company. We believe in a message. We believe in starting a movement. Our clothing is just the way we get the message out there.

RL: What does Bound By Blood offer besides apparel?

BBB: Outside of apparel, we offer enamel pins, buttons, art prints, patches, stickers, decals, pocket notebooks, lanyards, and pillows. We’re always trying to expand our non-apparel items for people who support the message but might have a different personal clothing style than what we offer.

RL: Who is typically your target demographic?

BBB: Most of our customers fall within the 20-35 age range. We are fairly equal between male and female supporters. Our customers are located all across the US as well as Canada, Brazil, England, Germany, and New Zealand. A lot of our customers are in the music scene or tattoo scene.

RL: Are your products made in the US?

BBB: A majority of our products are made in the US. All of our products requiring embroidery are finished in New York. All of our screen printed products are finished in Wisconsin. We do some finishing additions to items by hand as well.

RL: What’s your elevator pitch? Using 5 sentences or less, pitch Bound by Blood.

BBB: Bound By Blood is a movement promoting a message of peace, equality, and unity through street wear. Our goal is to show the world that no matter how different we are, we have the most important things in common. We spread this message through our designs and photography. Every person has their own personality and a unique way of wearing Bound By Blood, but the unifying element is that they all believe in the message.

RL: What is your mission statement?

BBB: In the face of our deep divisions, our flags, our borders and our politics serve to turn us against each other. These are the times we must heed a call to action.

A call to our great orators to give a voice to the voiceless. A call to our great authors to write the next chapter of our story. A call to our great artists to paint a beautiful future. On this, our planet, and in this, our time, let us set aside our differences.

United, we share our most common element. We are human. WE ARE BOUND BY BLOOD.

RL: What can we expect to see in the future from Bound By Blood?

BBB: We recently launched the first three items of our Premium Collection so we hope to continue to grow that. All of the premium items are either hand made or feature unique elements. We’ll also continue to grow our offering of women’s products, artwork, and limited edition items. You might also see us selling our gear at larger music festivals and tattoo conventions.


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