Review: Vyces – Devils

Review: Vyces – Devils

Dave Naruszewicz – Vocals

Evan Seidlitz – Vocals/Keyboards

Shawn Patterson – Guitar

Mark James Klepaski – Bass

Russell Ray – Drums

I hadn’t heard of Vyces until very recently when they came through town on their tour with Invidia. Sadly, I missed the show, but a friend ended up making it out and brought back very positive feedback for me. Around this time, I was offered to review their EP and gladly took it, never doubting my companion’s excellent taste in music (being a successful musician himself, of course). After listening through it several times, I am still regretting not making it out to experience their live show.

The first track on the EP, Raptor, catches your attention and keeps it. With a heavy metal backdrop, it continues to keep you sucked in on its way to the second track, especially if you’re a fan of Motionless in White. Devils takes a bit from the heavier side with quite a few unclean vocals mixed in creating an overall industrial metal sound. I Will Find You continues with an abundance of unclean vocals giving me the impression that Vyces is also inspired by the heavy metal band Dope. I was left with the chorus stuck in my head, although the rest of the song didn’t win me over. Track four, on the other hand, is my favorite off the album. Aftermath won me over with its beautifully written and catchy chorus swaying perfectly with the ups and downs of the music. It is followed up well with Vyces first single, The Hive. This track begins just as the previous track ended, calm. It gains momentum as it goes on, with a very deliberate beat to get you headbanging along. The final track is dedicated To the Tortured, and is very upfront and in your face the entire way through.

Devils surprised me in a good way. Knowing that one of the band members is previously from Breaking Benjamin, I expected a completely different sound. Vyces pulls from the industrial/nu metal end of the spectrum, which I’m usually not the biggest fan of, but I liked this EP quite a bit. I would give Devils a rating of 7/10 stars, and I will definitely be checking out their live show the next time they’re in the area.

Track List

1 Raptor

2 Devil

3 I Will Find You

4 Aftermath

5 The Hive

6 To The Tortured

Overall Rating – 7/10

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